From the pastor's desk

Resurrection Sunday

Greetings in the name of the Resurrected Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Lord Jesus Christ was resurrected on the first day of the week, i.e., on Sunday (Mt 28:1; Mk 16:2,9; Lk. 24:1; Jn. 20:1,19). Therefore we need to celebrate it on every Sunday. Here, I start with using the Word Easter.

The word “Easter” is derived from Eastre, the Teutonic goddess of Spring, refers back to the story of the Tower of Babel. The flood during Noah was a divine judgment to wickedness of men (Gen 6:5). However the Favour of God to Noah brought second opportunity to live and flourish on the earth by preserving Noah along with 7 others of his family members. But very soon his great-grandson Nimrod became rebellious against God. He was very talented, “a mighty one” but evil, tyrant “he made people to rebel against God.” (Gen 10:6-10). He was also a political leader and the high priest of occult worship. Nimrod built many cities, such as Babel(Jer 51:7), Asshur, Nineveh and Calah (Gen 10:10-12). After his death, his wife Ishtar, who was also a queen known as Semiramis, declared Nimrod as as Sun-god, later known as Baal (Great Life Giver, god of fire) Baalim, Bel, Molech, etc. She became an adulterous and idolatrous woman, and gave birth to an illegitimate son, named Tammuz. She cooked up an evil story that Nimrod was reborn. She propagated that her son was supernaturally conceived without any human father. That was through an egg of wondrous size which have fallen from heaven into Euphrates River. She caught it and hatched it, so he was born, as the promised seed, the ‘savior’, as promised by God in Gen 3:15. So she asked people to worship the Child and herself.

So people understood that Nimrod was sun god, Easter was fertility moon goddess, Tammuz was the savior. Tammuz was killed by a wild boar then he went into underworld. But through lamenting of his mother, he was ‘resurrected’ from the underworld” as a spring of vegetation. So Easter became very famous in many countries and religions.

So a parallel story of the resurrection was created by satanic devices long back and a terrible false religion developed with its sun and moon worship, having so many false priests, belief in astrology, veneration of demons and stars which led to mysterious rites, human sacrifice, more and more. Then we learn that the Sacred Egg culture was used by the cultic religions, of Babylon, Rome, Bacchus, Druids, Northern Europe, China and Japan the eggs were colored for their sacred festivals.

However God in His own time brought Jesus Christ into this world. Easter and Easter eggs are nothing to do with resurrection of Jesus. We need to call it as “Resurrection Sunday” rather than as “Easter Sunday”. However, we started to use the word in Church history, it will be very difficult to do away, but don’t go on with the Easter Eggs.

On this day I would like to bring three thoughts for our mediation and practice.

Create a New World History New History began with the resurrection of Jesus. The world history is changed, spiritual history is changed, religious histories are changed, the directions for the world has come into effect. One God became the centre of world. His name is glorified, magnified and exalted. He is JESUS.

According to Mt.28:18-20 he has authority over the heavens and the earth, over the natural and supernatural powers, over the temporal and spiritual forces. Forces.

This is very clearly spelled out in Mk. 16:15-18, the Gospel writer relates the end of the world with the Spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. “Truth will Triumph”, Jesus will Triumph at the end of the Times( I Cor. 15:54-57). He has given the power over the death, sickness, sufferings, and evil to his disciples and believers. Every human being will be challenged with the love of Jesus Christ. Not even a single person will dare to accuse God’s justice on the day of judgment.

Live with a New Life Motives The True Christian life must be now with full of new motives, new goals and new directions. Life in Christ “στον Χριστό” (ston Christó) is the new life. We need to do everything in Him, for Him and by Him, i.e., a Christ Centered life.

Paul puts in Rm.6:2-23, the following for the resurrected believers or those who live with Christ. He calls every believer to become in the Likeness of Christ’s resurrection(v.5) Then he encourages the believers to use their members of Body as righteous members (v.13) Then he says the believers to become slaves to Righteousness(v.18). We are his people to do good works(Eph 2:10). Sin is a shameful act and brings death(v.21). Self must be crucified, Christ must be resurrected in every human personality. That is the true Christianity.

Let Deeds speak louder than Words The presence of the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ makes the people to have his mind, his deeds, his life pattern( Phil 2:4-5). Therefore, we need to be humble, simple, and live with be attitudes. Though we vulnerable to be beaten up and even to be killed but yet we need to exhibit the Love of Christ. Because we are called to love - do service - and finally sacrifice. We Learn this from our master and Lord Jesus Christ (Mt 11:28-30). Our qualification for the resurrection is to go through the sufferings for the sake of Gospel and Christian Life.

May the Good Lord bless you all with his heavenly blessings.


Rev. Andrew B Natarajan B.Sc., B.D., M.S.W., M.Phil.

Senior pastor